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The Pinball Era

Former musician in Dunkirk, Allan Willemot created Arcade Activity, which creates HD arcade terminals and digital flippers. “It was simply out of a passion for digital games that a former student of the Lille conservatory-like me came to this point!”As a young entrepreneur, Allan Willemot launched the concept in the North with the help of his family. His wife Tarentaise brought him back to the Pays de Cocagne, where he transferred his know-how four years ago. Rabastens can thus boast of hosting a workshop, Arcade activity, installed zone of Fongraves, from which stand out pillars of arcades customizable, proposing 11. 000 games and sold 2.390 € and since 2018, digital pinball machines (PINCAB), with 425 possibilities, also customizable for 5.990 €.

“As for materials, we mainly use the medium, lacquer, glass, metal, and of course electronic and digital components,” says Allan. “Some parts are outsourced, and others already exist, such as those used for traditional American pinball machines.»

For individuals

Arcade Activity products are sold via the internet to showrooms or for relaxing spaces, but mainly to private individuals. “One day,” says the entrepreneur, ” a mother calls me because her 14-year-old son wants to buy one of our landmarks with his pocket money. The price is in his budget. And also dry, she passes me the teenager to define customization!»

The flippers R-cade, the digital age

This week, we will plunge you into the world of the pinball machine, an arcade game for money. Created in the 1930s in the United States, the pinball machine quickly became a cult game and reached its peak from 1950 to 1990, before declining following the rise of video games. Today, we compare it with our next-generation pinball machine.

On the one hand, the mechanical pinball machine, which made the fine days of cafés, bars, and game rooms from 1950 to 1990. On the other hand, the digital pinball machine, an invention that is still unknown to the general public but which already possesses all the qualities to seduce him, from the young passionate about video games to the discerning player of traditional pinball, passing by the client of a bar eager to spend a good time alone or with his friends.

When the mechanical pinball machine is a game of timeless charm, the digital pinball machine is an innovative machine with a bright future, which takes up the main features of the bar pinball machine and sublimates them. Indeed, the touch of a ball, the sounds, the reactivity as well as the famous “tilt” allowing to sanction illegal practices of the players are well present, and the introduction of digital allows to add to these elements animations and to display video games in high definition for an ultra-realistic rendering. The result is playful, a fusion of the traditional pinball machine and the next-generation game. It is also possible to customize our flippers according to your desires and tastes to add the pleasure of the eyes to that of the game.

Let’s add that the digital pinball machine allows you to play on an almost unlimited number of different tables, allowing you to play in your favorite universes, and to overcome the main flaw of the mechanical pinball machine: the repetitive aspect of the parts as the balls are played.

R-cade, therefore, used digital and video games, the causes of the flipper’s decline in the 1990s, to give it a new life while retaining the elements that made it a cult game in the past.

If you are interested in putting images on these words, we invite you to watch our pinball R-cade Elite presentation video by clicking here.