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History And Future Of The Pinball Machines, Best Pinball Video Games

Best Pinball Games

Pinball was the epic of classic games. It was a sort of arcade game where the player scored by manipulating one or a few metallic balls inside a cabinet covered with glass. Today, the best pinball games are making a comeback and are becoming very popular. You can even start playing them for free with the $5 no deposit casino bonus you can get from here. With that said, how much do you know about pinball?

History of Pinball Machines

  • The Origin of the Pinball Machines

The origin of pinball machines is believed to be the “Bagatelle-Table” of the 19th century. This was a form of hybrid between a pool table and a pin table. To play in this machine, the player had to hit the balls using cue sticks and get them into slots (pockets) surrounded by pins.

In the original Pinballs, players had to first exchange money for the balls they wanted to play because the machines were not coin operated.

  • The Coin Operated Pinball Machines

The first pin ball machine that was coin-operated was developed by Automatic Industries in 1931. It was given the name Whiffe Board. But it was not until in the mid-1930s when the gaming industry took off with the development of Ballyhoo by Raymond Maloney. Note that pinball machines parts such as legs and sides were designed of wood.

  • Enters the First Automated Pinball

The term Pinball is believed to have come into use because the machines had some homes. In 1933, electricity was introduced into the machine by adding a battery. This ushered in the era of the automated pinball machine. The machine featured the first automatic scoring mechanism through electromagnetic bells and chimes.

  • The Pinball Growth after WWII

After World War II, the next ten years period was considered the Pinball Golden Age because their popularity grew so much. In 1947, the invention of flippers in the game referred to as Humpty Dumpty saw the interest in the machine increase rapidly.

Machines with modern flippers only hit the market in the 1950s. But it was not until the 70s that pinball machines started using the longer 3 inch flippers that are still used in the modern machines.

Today, the pinball is complex, especially in complexity, game quality, and rules. Technological developments such as led lights and 3D graphics are expected to keep making the machines more impressive to guarantee the best pinball games.

One important point you should know is that at one point, it was illegal to own a pinball machine. In New York, it was illegal to have a pinball machine in 1942.

Rarest and Most expensive Pinball Machines

As you look for the best pinball games,you might also be wondering about the rarest and most expensive pinball machines. Here are some of them:

  • Pinball Circus: This game was designed by the late Python Angelo. It was an impressive multi-level machine but never made it to the production. Only about six were produced.
  • Kingpin: This machine was developed by Capcom before it closed down its operations. Only nine of these machines were made.
  • King Kong: Only nine of these machines were made before the manufacturer, Data East, decided to halt production.

Other high value but rare pinball machines include the Thunderball, Star Light, Pistol Poker, and Varkon.

Retro Pinballs are Back on Trend

A closer look at the history of the pinball reveals that the games were carefully developed with designers leaving nothing to chance. This intuitiveness has seen the retro pinballs make a strong comeback. Indeed, they have become some of the best pinball games that no one wants to miss.

Best 3D Pinball Video Games

To make the best games of Pinball, designers are adding modern technology such as LED Lighting and 3D graphics. They have also been used to develop pinball-themed slots in online casinos. You can go ahead and try them to get a retro touch when playing slots. Note that to play slot games in online casinos; you need to start by registering in their websites. Besides, you can take advantage of the online casinos to play for free using a casino bonus. A good example is the no deposit casino bonus. You can also play slot games with real money. Apart from slots, you can spend the bonus offers you get on any other casino game. There are so many variations you could try; the options are innumerable. For example, if you are a fan of checkers, you are bound to find a casino game inspired by it. Read this article to find out more about the Chinese variation of this particular game.

Future for Pinball Machines

If you fancy pinball, for love of retro or simply fancy the design, it is time to smile because efforts are in top gear to bring it back. Jay Andelson who cofounded a social news site in 2004 has been abreast about connecting the pinball machines to the internet. His site seeks to teach people everything about pinball machines.

Andelson’s project, now referred to as Scorbit, involves both software and hardware development. Some pinball machines especially those from 1970s onwards have elements such as processors, memory, and display. This means that they can be brought online. Scorbit is using hardware referred to as Scorbitron that helps intercept the game, score, errors, and other gameplay data on the way to the display.

Scorbit is positioning itself to run as a service for commercial pinball machines. It will also allow users to analyze the games and prizes that can generate more revenue. Note that Scorbit’s focus is mainly on hardware so that operators can find value in the machines.

The Scorbit’s work demonstrates that we could be looking at a major comeback of pinball machines. As Andelson continues to give inspirational talks about the ability to bring the Pinball Machines online, it is only a matter of time before bigger players in the gaming niche pick the idea and re-roar the best pinball games both off and online again.

The Final Take On The Best Pinball Games

If you fancy playing the best games of pinball, the chances are that they are at the edge of a great renaissance. The good thing is that no deposit bonuses will always be available at online casinos, and players will be able to always take advantage of them, playing their favorite online casino games for free. In the meantime, you can continue enjoying pinball themed slots in your online casino. Go ahead and take advantage of the casino bonuses to play free or wager with real money.